As a child, I loved dancing classic ballet and jazz. I often participated in retreats with my mother who has been a Biodanza facilitator for over 20 years. That definitely had an influence in my search for a holistic way of life, beginning from the body. My yoga journey began in my home country of Brazil when I was 16. However, while at college, studying fashion design, I was too distracted trying to pursue approval from society and financial security, caught up in negative habits and conditionings such as working hard on weekdays and getting high at parties on weekends, often on burnout mode which kept me away from my true self and sustaining fulfillment. Only after I graduated I had the opportunity to move deeper into my yoga practice. I moved to Sydney, Australia, for further studies, and there I came across great yoga teachers from different lineages who helped guide me through my transformation from which there was no way back. It wasn’t an easy and smooth process to let go of years of toxic habits and conditionings. After lots of tears and deep self-inquiry trying to understand what was happening, I felt a strong calling to go to India, learn and share the wonderful benefits of yoga with as many people as I could. That’s when I met Anthony and from there we new we were meant to get together and share yoga with our global community through Just Yoga.