The Yoga and Meditation retreat in Monte Crista was very well organised with simple yet intense practices that were filled with incredibly transformative and loving energy. People that didn’t know each other were united by the same search, inner peace. From that weekend onwards it felt like I had awaken my real Self. I am so grateful to God for putting Yasmine on my way. Thank you Yasmine. You are light. I'm waiting for the next retreat.
Limdamar Caetano
I had the pleasure of attending the retreat in Monte Crista, with classes guided by Yasmine. All the attention to the present moment that Yasmine brought was incredible, making for a sense of well being. The serenity in her voice followed by impeccable guidance expresses yoga in its purest essence.
Fagner Aguiar
Yasmine owns a contagious calm and patience and she brings that to her classes, besides having real experience within the concepts of yoga !!! Yas' classes are great and work body and mind in a synergy that can not be explained !!
Leticia Birck
I practiced with Yas in Sydney, Australia. I really liked the style of practice she proposes. I did personal yoga three times a week, It was great because the teacher came to me in my house, also classes on the beach sometimes! I loved the guided meditations and the singing bowl at the end of the practice. Her classes are marvelous!
Fernanda Klipel
I started taking chair Yoga classes with Anthony Serpiello about 2 years ago. he introduced the class to some meditation practices and in a very short time it became something I very much looked forward to.When Anthony had a class with meditation as its main focus I became the student of a talented and passionate teacher.
Nancy G.

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