My Approach

         Yoga has been a source of positive transformation in my life.
When I was 23, I was in a car accident. It left me with 2 herniated disc and 4 bulging discs in my Thoracic spine. After a few years of trying every option western medicine could offer, I weighed 340 lbs and was on constant pain medication.
         I found Asana (poses) through an amazing book called, “Moving towards balance” by Rodney Yee. For the first two years of my practice I only used this book for reference. By the end of the first year I lost 110 lbs. At the end of the second year, I had another MRI done of my back and had only 2 bulging discs and no pain.
         I can only speak from what yoga has done for me. Asana (posture) is only one of 8 branches of the yoga system. If one limb could do this for me I could only imagine the benefits of a full practice.
I was a smoker from the age of 13. After six months of pranayama
(breathing practices) I finally quit smoking for good.
I took my first yoga class a few months later and afterwards decided
to take their teacher training. I’ve been sharing these wonderful practices ever since.
         My intention is to is share these physical and mental benefits with
my students and I hope it brings them health and happiness as it has for me.